Create a UWP package manifest for a web app


A friendly name for your app. It doesn’t have to be the name that you reserved.
The name to show on your tiles, in the Start menu.
A description of your app, in a paragraph or less.
The absolute URL of the page to load when your app is launched.
The human language spoken by your app, as a BCP-47 language tag.
Screen orientation: Selecting none of them is equivalent to selecting all of them.
Version: The version should be strictly increasing for the Store to consider it an update. The revision number is reserved for Store use. Learn more about version numbering.


Paths are relative to the manifest location. The extension must be .png, .jpg, or .jpeg. Learn more about icons.
It’s used:
  • as the background color of your app tiles,
  • as the button color in your app dialog boxes,
  • on the description page of your app in the Store.

Microsoft Store identifiers

The name that you reserved for your app in the Microsoft Partner Center.
Find this info in the Microsoft Partner Center under Products → your app → App management → App identity.